The Problem

Bad design is bad business. Compliance Resource Center faced the daunting problem of website design flaws. The aesthetics of the site were aging and the architecture no longer reflected a modern, relevant demographic. The layout of the site failed to convey value propositions which hurt in terms of conversion.

The Solution

Together, our teams determined that a redesigned website optimized for traffic and a focus on monthly email campaigns would be the most efficient way to pull interested prospects to the site and get them engaged with CRC’s products and services.

The first step was to rebuild the architecture of the website so that it made sense in the eyes of Google. Our team re-imagined important code and organized the sitemap in a way that search engines could read efficiently.

The next step was to work together with the client to align their vision with the optimized content on the website. They took it upon themselves, with our recommendations and shiny new keywords in hand, to rewrite all the new and existing content.

Once the time sensitive issues were fixed, it was time for our team to shift their focus to design. We updated the CRC website with a template that more clearly detailed benefits of products and services. We touched things up by adding bigger and brighter fonts, better images, and strategically placed videos in hopes of stirring up visitor engagement.

The Result

Through the website redesign process, we were able to implement better tracking tools and more closely monitor the website’s user interaction. New keywords mean more traffic volume; 45 days from the beginning the newly designed website, organic traffic went up 144% with email volume spiking to over 489%.

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