The Problem

Legal Claimant Services (LCS) had a high-traffic landing page featuring a celebrity endorsement video from John O’Hurley that was generating fewer contact submissions than expected. We suspected that the page lacked clarity and visitors were missing the intent of the page.

We wanted to make absolutely sure visitors understood a few things at a glance:

  • What the page was about
  • The value of the service offered
  • What they (the visitor) was expected to do
  • How to complete the page’s objective

But before we made any changes, we wanted to ensure our copy changes wouldn’t have a negative impact on the page’s conversion rate.

The Solution

To find out if the page’s copy was lacking clarity and killing conversions, we split-tested three copy elements:

  • The first headline on the page
  • The headline on the form
  • The button to submit the form

First Headline

Original Headline: “Questions? Contact us today!”
Headline Variation: “Recover your financial assets today!”.

This original headline echoed the first line of the video, which auto played when visitors arrived at the page. This redundancy meant that the headline, arguably the most important and powerful element on a page, was wasting valuable space on the page.

Our headline variation spoke directly to the reason someone would visit this page to recover financial assets. It explained the benefit of watching the video which was to see a real-life example of how the process worked.

Form Headline

Original Form Headline: “Hello friends. I’m John O’Hurley. This is my story.”
Form Headline Variation: “Here to recover financial assets? Learn how we helped celebrity John O’Hurley!”

The original headline was actually somewhat misleading. This form was not intended as a way to ask questions or gather more information; the form is a chance to initiate a service. Filling out the form would connect a visitor with LCS and begin the process of recovering their assets.

Our headline variation was more to the point, mirrored the page headline, and accurately described what a form submission would accomplish.

Submit Button

Original Button Text: “Submit”
Button Text Variation: “Connect with Account Executive”

The original button text used a generic and ambiguous description, “Submit”. On a high-traffic landing page like this, every inch of space should be used to maximum effect so it was a bit of a missed opportunity.

Our button variation attempted to reassure the visitor they are in capable hands. “Account Executive” has a distinctly financial feel and parallels our use of “financial” in the page and form headlines. “Connect” is valuable as both an action and the implication that a relationship of trust can and will be formed with the account executive.

The Results

Our variation yielded a 111.6% improvement in the page’s rate of form submissions.

  • The original page ended with a Conversion Rate of 1.89% for a total of 6 conversions from 318 visitors.
  • Our variation ended with a Conversion Rate of 3.99% for a total of 22 conversions from 551 visitors.

The original page had several glaring flaws, all of which we were able to correct by the application of two simple questions:

  • Who is this page for?
  • What is the page’s intent?
  • To analyze any page for more conversions, answer those questions and use the answers as the context for examining each major copy element of your page.

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