Landing a 7-figure B2G contract

For years we’d been running effective, high return-on-investment (ROI) digital marketing campaigns for a software company who traditionally catered to nonprofits and associations. But they wanted to get into the highly lucrative (but notoriously difficult to penetrate) world of federal and state government. They put WebMechanix in charge of figuring out how to “crack the code” in the public sector without losing sight of their bread and butter nonprofit audience.

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The Results

We developed a hyper-focused SEO and PPC strategy targeting government decision makers. Almost immediately, our client experienced a substantial increase in high-value public sector traffic and leads. Soon after launching, we generated an organic lead that ultimately closed a federal contract worth over $1M in annual recurring revenue. All the hard work and investment put into creating content, building sophisticated campaigns and re-orienting our digital strategy paid off big time.

“I primarily choose marketing vendors based on 4 critical components: (1) Expertise (2) Measurable results (3) Proactive thought-leadership and (4) Superior customer service. WebMechanix consistently exceeds expectations in all four areas; which continues to improve and expand our business.” Jamie Okonak, Marketing Director