This retrospective tells the story of how we took one client from zero-to-hero on the web and turned a skeptical, traditional B2B consulting firm into a dyed-in-the-wool digital marketing believer…


The client offered specialty financial services to companies and corporations. Unlike other similar firms in their space (i.e. the “Big Five” accounting firms), this client focused solely in one niche service. And as any savvy marketer knows, the riches are in the niches… so we knew this client had tons of potential.

A very forward thinking and ambitious executive went to bat for us because he saw the potential returns that digital marketing could bring. We landed the account and went straight to work.

The challenge

Our client was starting from ground zero. Besides a basic website, the client had practically ZERO presence on the web.

In order to prove our worth, we had two hurdles to overcome:

  1. Can we demonstrate progress?
  2. Can we get the C-suite jazzed up about digital marketing?

In short, we had to move the needle fast to prove our worth. And that meant making the charts sing and cash registers ring.

How we proved our worth

Over the course of 3 years, we showed the client undeniable returns from digital marketing. Here’s how we made that happen:

Year 1 – Proof of Concept

We quickly realized there was one area where our client had a clear opportunity to crush their competitors: SEO.

First, we built out a rich database of the nichey keywords that our client’s customers were searching on. Then, we went through the main pages of the site and optimized them for those “easy-to-win” keywords with high buying intent.

Within just a couple of months, our client’s rankings for their target keywords increased dramatically.

After the initial SEO work was done, we still had a ton of keywords we wanted to target. So we set up a WordPress blog & started publishing content our client was already creating. Using a strategic formula, we optimized each post in a way that generated a growing, steady stream of easy niche traffic (download the case study for full details.)

Finally, we jerry-rigged an inexpensive marketing automation system to make sure all the new leads we were getting wouldn’t fall through the cracks. We also helped the client manually review leads to make sure we were delivering the best possible lead quality.

Year 2 – Next level sh*t

Our second year with the client brought a whole new set of challenges and opportunities. Having won the confidence of the C-suite, we were given a small raise and tasked with keeping the momentum going.

First, we helped the client pull off a risky website redesign. We successfully redesigned the site and migrated them to a new CMS… all while maintaining all the SEO gains we had achieved from the old site. In fact, traffic just kept growing after the site was launched!

Next, we leveraged “back-pocket” data from our SEO campaigns to build a super-profitable Google AdWords campaign that really ramped up sales.

Year 3 – Scaling up our efforts

By year 3, we had proven the ROI of digital to the C-suite beyond a shadow of a doubt, and they were ready to ramp things up. So we received a substantial budget increase and we were off to the races.

First, we moved our client to a modern, robust marketing automation platform. This powerful new system made sure that no website lead would ever slip through the cracks again. Plus, scaling our campaigns was now a cinch thanks to this new technology.

Next, we got our client to stop tracking their leads on spreadsheets and moved them over to a CRM platform. But we didn’t stop there — we hooked them up with a series of custom integrations that would allow them to track every dollar they made on digital back to its source (like SEO, PPC, Email, etc.)

Our client now had a fully-customized, badass marketing automation and attribution machine in place. So we could now start implementing some of our “secret” and advanced tactics in the realms of backlink and authority development, conversion rate maximization, lead nurturing, reputation management and more.

And it all paid off in spades…

The results

There’s a reason our client stuck around for 3 years (and in fact still works with us to this day.)

We took our client from generating $0 from the web to over $1.5 Million in pipeline — directly attributable to our efforts. We’ve continued to see gains in traffic and leads year-over-year. Not to mention, you’d have a hard time searching on Google for the services they offer and not seeing their site pop up on the first page.

Perhaps best of all, we’ve seen our main point of contact in marketing win several promotions and go from an online marketing newbie to a total boss. He now manages a team of in-house marketers that speak fluent “digital geek.”

We continue to expand every year… and life is good. :)

Download this case study

Want to see the nitty-gritty of how we use digital marketing for B2B consulting firms? Or maybe you’re still skeptical. ;-)

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