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Feature-Rich, Mobile-friendly Website Redesign to Complement Rebranding

The US-Korea Institute at SAIS (USKI) was founded in 2006 to make the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), a hub of Korea-related education, research and policy discourse in Washington, DC.

Hardly Square rebranded and redesigned USKI’s website (alongside the 38 North site) while WebMechanix developed. Our primary tasks were Information Architecture (IA) restructuring, mobile design implementation, target persona connection, and content management facilitation.

We greatly improved content management by reorganizing the massive amounts of content with new types and categories in WordPress and fast, clean and intuitive front-end filtering and sorting. Not only is user experience greatly improved for visitors to the site, but administration and management of the content is now super straightforward for the USKI team.

Additional, advanced API integrations such as social media feeds ensure the site always appears current.