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Time To Modernize

The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, Inc. (PIAA) is a non-profit corporation and voluntary membership organization. The members of PIAA consist of almost all the public junior high, middle and senior high schools, some of the charter and private junior high/middle schools, and many of the charter and private high schools in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Generally stated, the function of PIAA is to develop and enforce rules regulating interscholastic athletic competition, which are authorized or adopted by the member schools.

We’ve been working with PIAA for many years, and finally decided it was time to retire their old 2005 design and modernize their website. We launched a mobile-first, responsively designed website that focuses on usability with an emphasis on finding important information as quickly as possible. With various target personas, from school administrators, to officials and coaches, to parents and students, we focused on separating content and providing a unique user experience for everyone.

Additionally, WebMechanix is helping PIAA to “Go Green” by creating automated systems to replace paperwork intakes and applications. PIAA dates back to 1913, so as you can imagine – there is a lot of paperwork!