Are you wracking your brain trying to come up with an effective B2B content marketing strategy for your company?

If you’re like most marketers in B2B, you’ve tried and struggled to get a corporate blogging and content marketing plan in motion. Or, you’ve been creating & publishing content for awhile now… but it hasn’t delivered results.

You’ve read all the reports and statistics that tell you content marketing is more important than ever for B2B in 2016 and beyond. You’ve read all the “best practices”, pored through tactics and techniques out there, all in the hopes of finding something out there that actually works.

If this even somewhat describes you… read on. Because the presentation you’re about to see was made just for you.

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Why Most B2B Content Marketing Strategies Fail

We feel your pain. When it comes to selecting a content strategy, B2B marketers have MANY options to choose from (perhaps too many). But despite that, results tend to flounder and fail to meet expectation.

As an marketing agency that works largely with B2B companies, we’ve discovered that frustrated marketers are almost always missing this ONE key element that will make-or-break their success…


Just imagine… wouldn’t it be nice to have one approach that just plain works? (Instead of chasing a million different tactics and techniques!)

There’s a better way to do B2B blogging… and after years of testing, we’ve finally cracked the code.

Enter “Ninja-Jedi” Blogging for B2B [Slideshare Presentation]

At a recent Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit in Baltimore, WebMechanix’s own Chris Mechanic revealed our secret sauce.

In his talk, he shared a new approach to B2B content marketing that has been instrumental to our success in driving organic traffic and boosting conversions for our clients.

And now, we want to share those secrets with you.

In this brief, value-packed presentation, you’ll discover:

  • Why success in B2B content strategy starts with “SEO” (Self-Effectiveness Optimization)
  • How “Blind Blogging” is killing your content marketing efforts (despite your team’s best intentions)
  • Why “Ninja-Jedi” blogging is the #1 most effective B2B content marketing strategy for 2016 and beyond
  • A simple checklist for running effective B2B keyword research (w/ a free “Keyword Universe” template!)
  • Why “content theming” is the key to producing BIG wins in B2B SEO & conversion
  • Why “knowing thy user” is the next big thing in content marketing… and 5 proven ways to do it.

Plus, we reveal the examples, tips, tactics and techniques that actually get results in 2016.

Check it out & let us know what you think in the comments below.

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