We are celebrating Will Chou’s birthday this week! Will has been our resident content and SEO whiz here at WebMechanix ever since he joined the team in 2016!

In honor of his birthday, we decided to sit down and ask him a couple of questions to get to know him a little better. Here’s Will in his own words:

Are you a hunter or a gatherer?

Hunter - Gets the resources.
Gatherer - Works with the resources.

From an evolutionary biology perspective, I’d likely be a horrible hunter. I’m usually below average when it comes to natural athletic ability. But I try to make up for it with consistent hard work.

From a modern world perspective sense (or marketing sense), I’m a bit of both. I’m a voracious learner. I “hunt” and “gather” knowledge by consuming plenty of books and articles every month that apply to work and self-development and taking action on them. Then, I apply these to “hunt” or attract prospects and sales. I’m still better at “farming” or “gathering” leads than 1-on-1 hunting though.

You find a slightly used genie who will grant you one wish. What would that be?

More wishes. Or to have the powers of the genie. It pays to think smarter than others and make more strategic wishes. Or I may go even deeper in my thinking and realize that wealth and immortality may not make me much happier and may even become curses rather than blessings — in which case, I’d just wish for a minor gift, like more social intelligence, 2.7 million dollars, or temporary time traveling abilities.

Who is your celebrity doppelgänger?

There aren’t many out there to choose from in American culture.Steven Yeun is maybe the closest.

Or maybe Bruce Lee. 

How do you recharge when you feel drained?

I exercise, watch TV shows or movies, watch YouTube, read anime or manga, meditate, sleep or nap, eat great food at restaurants, do nothing, or reconnect with family.

Will at his Crossfit gym’s hip hop class.

What is the boldest move you made?

There are a few. Almost always, they’re psychological and revolve around feeling the fear and danger and doing it anyway.

The hardest moves for me tend to revolve around overcoming the fear of rejection or disapproval. It’s hard for me to initiate first and talk to others to make friends, network with intimidating people, and/or express romantic interest in a girl without much to go off of. I often chicken out since it scares me but every once in a while, I will do it because of how important it is towards moving toward my goals. I’ve realized that I can come across fairly invisible if I wait for others to talk to me or notice me — and it usually never happens. Waiting around leads nowhere.

When I was working as a food server at a country club, I worked up the courage after a while to ask for an autograph and advice from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who I had been serving for months. He thought about what advice he would give me based on what he’d seen of me, then wrote one sentence, “You have to be bold to succeed in life, Will.”

This really made me think about how and when do I need to be more bold in life.
Another bold move is that I’ve reached out and interviewed some high achievers, like the author Gillian Zoe Segal, as a nobody for my personal development blog.

What is the best part of your job?

I love that I am working with like-minded people that are my age that I can relate to. I love all the new technology our team uses (Slack, Asana, Harvest, etc.). I love the speed of change and implementation that comes with a small, nimble new-age team. I like the industry and work we do in digital marketing, a growing new field that will impact almost every business.

What are your birthday plans?

Try out Pho for the first time with my family.

What is your mantra?

“Those who keep learning will keep rising in life.” – Charlie Munger

“It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.” -Warren Buffett

It’s very hard for me to summarize but those quotes give you an idea at least. I believe in a striving for life success, which I describe as success in the areas of contribution, fulfillment, impact, passion with what you do for a living, having fun, enjoyment, financial abundance, kindness, family relationships, happiness, health, fitness, and a constant striving to reach your potential in your craft.