We’re celebrating Josh Muskin’s birthday with this post!

In honor of his birthday, we decided to sit down and ask him a couple of questions to get to know him a little better. Here’s Josh in his own words:

You find a slightly used genie who will grant you one wish. What would that be?

There’s so much out in the world to see, to do, to conquer, and there will never be enough time to do it all. I’d wish for the ability to maintain an active lifestyle as long as humanly possible so eventually my family & I can see and experience as much of this world as we can in our time on it.

Who is your celebrity doppelgänger?

Ryan Gosling – so I’ve been told by my (flattering) wife.

How do you recharge when you feel drained?

Oddly enough, by working out, getting outside, doing something physical. “Mental drain” is very different from a physical one, and sometimes doing something physical can free up the mind.

What is the boldest move you made?

About 2 months ago I signed up for a full Ironman triathlon, while never having completed any of the individual 3rds of the race at any time in my past (2.4mi swim, 112mi bike, marathon).

What is the best part of your job?

The passion & integrity of the people I get to work with. I know I’m fortunate enough to work in an environment second to none when it comes to pushing the envelope of what’s possible, finding/implementing new ideas & being encouraged to break the mold of traditional digital marketing.

What are your birthday plans?

Nada. With a busy schedule 99% of the time, I plan to simply relax & enjoy some time with my wife, 2 dogs, and the great outdoors!

What is your mantra?

“There is always a time in everyone’s life when you must clench your teeth and your fate only depends on your determination” – Yuri Zakharevich