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WMX Labs: LinkedIn

Like many of today’s self-serve advertising platforms, LinkedIn is continually improving user experience and features for advertisers. These updates include everything from improving the aesthetics of the design to adding new targeting abilities.

Luckily for advertisers, LinkedIn’s latest updates include new retargeting capabilities that reflect similar capabilities available on Facebook.

Engagement Retargeting

If you run video ads on LinkedIn, you can now target ads to users who watched 25, 50, 75, or 100% of your video ads. This feature is helpful when you only want to show ads to a more engaged audience.

In addition to video retargeting, advertisers can now target users who opened or submitted a Lead Gen Form. This capability will help you get back in front of “on the fence” users who may have been interested but weren’t ready to commit.

LinkedIn also added the ability to specify a date range for this targeting feature so you can capture users in a custom time frame (30 to 365 days) to keep audiences relevant.

In addition to higher conversion rates, this feature helps funnel conversion strategies that promote different offers based on which level of the funnel users are in.

Charlee Boone, a Senior Social Media Strategist, says, “This has been a long time coming. There have been rumblings about LinkedIn expanding targeting, and it’s about time. This will help us nurture users in our funnels who we originally had to ignore because of the missing web tracking.”

Future of LinkedIn Ad Network Improvements

Although this update will help advertisers reach the right audiences more than before, we’d still like to see several improvements. Senior Strategist Pat Mead said, “While I’m not getting my hopes up for these rollouts in 2020, I would eventually love to see improvements to the structure of campaigns, similar to what Facebook has done with ad set level audiences.”

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