Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center (DMC) has officially launched in the United States. This tool gives you a single portal for managing marketing campaigns from different platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Microsoft Advertising.

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Microsoft Digital Marketing Center is free to use and allows you to:

  • Explore unified analytics.
  • Create campaigns quickly.
  • Draft and automate ad content.
  • Optimize your return on investment with AI.
  • Analyze reports.
  • Create and publish content.
  • Interact with your customers.
  • Take advantage of artificial intelligence.
  • Engage in organic social management for up to 10 profiles.

In theory, Digital Marketing Center could be a great option for managing all your campaigns from one place. Microsoft has stated that you can set advertising goals, optimize targeting, define budget, create ads, and let the AI handle keyword or bid management.

WebMechanix’s Take

Will this tool be a hit? No one knows for certain, but it’s an audacious, uphill play. All-in-one tools exist already, and integrations frequently break unless the tool is top notch. It’ll be tough for Microsoft to keep up with each platform’s updates, especially when these platforms are semi-competitors.

Experienced marketers prefer managing ad campaigns within each native platform. They have more control, features, data, and frequent updates. The real opportunity here may be for organic social media management. Posting organically across social media is cumbersome enough that there’s always been a demand for tools like this.

It would be surprising to see Digital Marketing Center become dominant since it won’t pull as much data and functionality as the underlying platforms themselves. And other social media management competitors already offer comparable features. But this is the first time that a tech giant has stepped into this space, so keep an eye out—Microsoft may offer fresh functionality and automation.

This tool is worth keeping tabs on because its parent company has a lot of resources. Microsoft may develop truly novel features to make social media management easier.

We could see this tool benefiting companies that are just starting their digital marketing programs. It could be great for companies where the need for granular control and reporting might not be as important as it would be for it would be for a marketing firm with a mature or complex marketing stack.

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