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Lock symbolizing stored information issues

Stored Information Issues for Online Marketing Agencies

Stored information and other data is critical for marketers. However, unguarded information poses risks that can easily be prevented by implementing a few best practices. [Full Article]

December 12, 2013    No Comments

Google's Hummingbird Information Symbolized By A Hummingbird Picture

Google’s Hummingbird: Why You Should Love This Algorithm Update

View the presentation we put together to internally discuss Google’s latest algorithm update, Hummingbird, and let us know what you think about it! [Full Article]

November 6, 2013    No Comments


Google’s Author Rank: Moving Away from an Anonymous Internet

To begin a discussion of Google Authorship and Author Rank we should begin with what is involved in searching the internet. Google uses complicated mathematical algorithms to determine search results.  An entire industry has been built up around securing a… [Full Article]

September 5, 2013    No Comments


How to Track & Measure Local Marketing Efforts in Google Analytics

Most local businesses suck at marketing. Not trying to be mean, but they do and you know it. I don’t blame them. Local marketing (online or offline) isn’t easy and owners are already busy managing the business. I’m hoping that with… [Full Article]

August 22, 2013    No Comments

Case Study: SEO Help For Locally-Focused Clients

Background Express Countertops started working with us in late 2011. They are a Maryland-based business specializing in the fabrication and installation of countertops. Their business area covers all of Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC, as well as Northern Virginia. The… [Full Article]

August 15, 2013    No Comments