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Greedy man symbolizing rush for new TLDs

Retreading An Exciting Year – Part One: Major Policy Changes

2013’s contributions to the digital marketing canon were many. Google doubled down on mobile, social networks started offering some serious advertising opportunities, and online privacy found its way into the national spotlight. But, before our brains begin burying some of… [Full Article]

January 6, 2014    No Comments

dealing with negative reviews

How to Remove Negative Reviews Online: Dilute Them Down to Nothing

Negative reviews online can make or break businesses in certain industries. If you are in one of those industries and find your listings clouded with negativity then using some reputation management techniques may be helpful. Reputation management is something that… [Full Article]

December 30, 2013    No Comments

Poem about the night before an algorithm update

How Bad Search Engine Optimization Lands You On Google’s “Naughty” List

Search engine marketers (SEMs) are often pictured like the narrator above — quaking in their boots every time a search update is announced. The problem with that picture is that not all SEMs are scared of Google’s updates; many SEMs… [Full Article]

December 24, 2013    2 Comments

Lock symbolizing stored information issues

Stored Information Issues for Online Marketing Agencies

Stored information and other data is critical for marketers. However, unguarded information poses risks that can easily be prevented by implementing a few best practices. [Full Article]

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Google's Hummingbird Information Symbolized By A Hummingbird Picture

Google’s Hummingbird: Why You Should Love This Algorithm Update

View the presentation we put together to internally discuss Google’s latest algorithm update, Hummingbird, and let us know what you think about it! [Full Article]

November 6, 2013    No Comments